Honeymoon in Italy


Anna and Augusto spent their honeymoon in Rome, Florence and Venice.
This video is inside the book I say goodbye


I say goodbye

The book is introduced by a composed film with beautiful images that bring some famous aphorisms that integrate and reassume the content of the novel; the all enriched from a relaxant classical music. Anna and Lucia are two girls of Italian origin that after to have passed a serene and happy infancy and childhood in Borneo, discovery an amour between their parents, disgusted decides to leave and to reach Italy. Here they find a society much consequent lock with great difficulty to make acquaintances. This although succeeds to find a place of work fixed, than but a true torture is revealed very soon; they succeed also to find a partner, but with the aid of a matrimonial agency. Here they begin the visits to some of the more important places and monuments of the Sicily, and also of Rome, Florence and Venice where Anna passes her honeymoon. All it is illustrated by films, images and precise historical reconstructions. When for the two friends all it seemed to go finally for the best, before one then the other is abandoned by their partner. Taken by the despondency and to the desperation, they find shelter in the reading of their ancient school books of philosophy, physical, chemistry and Biology. After the umpteenth prank endured from Lucia, to which she comes unjustly delivered a notification, the two friends decide to abandon Italy and to return in Borneo from their parents, than the two children they finally have the force to pardon. And all it concludes itself for the best.